Becky (beckythestrange) wrote in vagpride,

Two Interesting Bits Of Information...

1. Tonight I was watching "That 70's Show", and Jackie gave Kelso a Cosmo magazine to read. So, Kelso was looking at the magazine with Eric, and he uttered one of my now-favorite vaginal quotes: "I didn't know girls had so much plumbing down there! There was a diagram and it looked like a map of Six Flags." ^_^

2. Okay, I don't mean to get graphic, but I really have to get this off my chest (or rather, vulva. ~_^) Anyway, about 3 months ago I got out a mirror and took at good look at Agnes (my vulva - I figured that she deserves a name.) I discovered that my vagina hole seems pretty messed up to me. There is this weird, beigy-pink, tube-like thing that surrounds my vagina hole and it sticks out a little! I don't know what the heck it is, or if it's just something that shouldn't be there. Do any of you guys have the same thing? If not, what's my problem?
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it's completely normal! the vagina is certainitly a beautiful thing to behold I think. and everyone's looks different so its hard to tell just by looking at a few pictures whether or not your vagina is "normal" because its like a fingerprint.
and yay for updating this community. it really needs to be revitalized.
Okay, thanks! You know what, Ms. Ovary :), we should really get this thing going! I agree, it's quite dead.
Oh man, I'm so glad you posted. And yea, normal I'd say. That's one of the best parts about vaginas, they're all so different.

Welcome to the club by the way.
ahh I love that you named her! I assure you that agnes' appearance is nothing to be worried aboot. of course, if you're concerned it's pretty important to start seeing a gyno once you're at least 16, and he/she will be able to answer any questions you have.

yay vag!!
Ok, I feel much better now! *breathes sigh of relief* In any case, I'm really giddy now, so forgive me... VAGINAS ARE COOL!

There. I had to get that out of my system.
Okay, I think you might be a little shocked when you hear this. I was taking a pee the other day when I noticed that the pink thing was gone! I was kind of worried, so I went to As it turns out, the hymen is located outside the vagina and that was my hymen! I figured that I tore it from stretching or jumps (I'm a dancer.) The weird thing is, I miss my hymen.